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Become a Member!

If you support the mission and programming work of BaredFeet, Co - we need your membership! If you have valued your experiences with us and want to give back - you can volunteer, donate or  make a regular donation that fits your capacity.

Our work is free because 1) the people who really need it can't afford it and 2) we think these services are a right not a luxury, and don't want to make low-income people have to prove it.  


Membership with BaredFeet means we can expect your contribution is coming and that helps us in our sustainability and helps those who cannot contribute but greatly need the programs.  We build relationships with our members to keep you updated on our work, and thank you publicly. Right now if you become a member we have gifts! If paying by check, please contact us to become a member. Or to pay by credit card click the DONATE BUTTON anywhere on our website and mark "make this a monthly donation" on Paypal.

BaredFeet Capital Campaign - 2020-21

BaredFeet has felt the impact of COVID this year. But while we may have lost our shared studio space, we are motivated to raise funds for our own space! With our own space we would be able to do many things with, even during COVID:

  • Provide an art workroom that families could “checkout” to make art together,

  • Have a studio space for our dance company to work and create pieces to share digitally and inspire people to move,

  • Have a space we can do quality video classes and workshops in all the areas we work in, all FREE to the community: integrated wellness, youth yoga, chair yoga, dance, meditation practices, nutrition and more!


Helps us secure our space by contributing to our Capital Campaign!  Help us raise $10,000 by November 1, 2020!




1. If you contribute $300 or commit to a $10/month ($120 annual) membership (automatic payment withrdrawl) - you receive a BaredFeet water bottle and our interdisciplinary wellness toolkit!

2. If you contribute $500 or commit to $20/month ($240 annual) membership (automatic payment withdrawal) - you will receive the above gifts, a BF t-shirt and a deck of our wellness cards!

3. If you contribute $1000 or more to the campaign or commit to any size larger membership (automatic payment withdrawal) you will receive all the above plus youth artwork and a plaque on the wall of our new space!

Other ways to support us

We are always in need of donated items: art supplies (we'll take anything and turn it into art!), yoga mats, exercise balls, and costumes.

Volunteer - contact us if you want to volunteer and we will find a way that works for you!

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