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Annual Art Competition
2021 "FUTURE" - Results

Below are all the entries, and the winners, from this year's competition. The intention of the competition is to encourage people to express themselves through art! Though the entries were judged on interpretation of the theme, creativity/originality, and overall impression by  a team of experienced community members, the belief by BaredFeet is that the uncreated art piece is the only art not to celebrate. 

Youth Category - age 7-15

Left - 1st Place, Buttons Foust, 15 yrs with digital piece "Disappointment".

Below left  - 2nd Place, Ludin Karens 13 yrs with painting "Otherworldly".

Below right - 3rd place, Madeline Zeug 12 yrs with untitled digital piece.

From left to right: Ilana Buske age 11 "Timetravel", Kisarra Stevens age 11 untitled, Lucy Zeug age 14 untitled 

Adult Category - ages 16 and up

Winners: left - Kathy Schmiedeskamp, right - Soren Lohman

Top left - "Birth of a Quotation Mark" linoleum print by Mari Carlson

Top right - "Baby of the Past, Present, and Future" photo collage by Genevieve Davis

Right - untitled charcoal by Julia Benneker

Below left - untitled drawing by Elizabeth Schneider

Below right - untitled drawing by Alice Buske

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