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"The definition of a highly sensitive person is someone who experiences acute physical, mental, or emotional responses to stimuli." (


This page will be a resource for Highly Sensitive (HS) Children and Adults, providing a thorough understanding, an “Am I HS?” checklist, info packet for kids, simple and empowering tools for the whole family, a general resource on sensitivity, and free consultations for all ages.  Stay tuned!


The documentary "Sensitive: an Untold Story"is a positive, educational, digestible and through resource for learning about HSPs. We have a DVD and an electronic copy that we are happy to share with those who want to watch it. Please email us so we can get you a copy!

Facebook Group

Connect with other HSP's in the Chippewa Valley, or anywhere - if you need that.  Join now at:

FREE Virtual HSP Workshop for all ages: Wednesday May 27 at 6pm (hosted by First Presbyterian Church)
Learn more about this trait, how to support yourself or loved one who is Highly Sensitive, and get questions answered. Virtually. Presenter is Lynn Buske, our Director, who has been studying this trait in depth for the last 14 years, is an HSP and has children who are HSP. She is committed to helping HSPs learn more about themselves, as discovering she was an HSP changed the course of her life. FREE.
REGISTER HERE: to get a Zoom link.

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