BaredFeet, Co. partners with the Chippewa Valley Montessori Elementary School to bring you “Hands of Peace” a youth-empowered, charitable program on the topic of peace – allowing children to deliver the message of being peaceful to our community through the power of visual and performing arts. 











Every two years (odd-numbered years) youth work for 4-8 weeks on projects in various art forms which are presented to the public in a culminating free performance production. The production is comprised of  youth dances, youth choirs, youth drama team, youth art and youth poetry. CV Montessori’s vision is to develop independent, passionate learners who understand the responsibility each of us has as citizens of our world. BaredFeet’s mission is to provide free, basic, holistic, quality wellness education and advocate for the arts as a crucial wellness tool.

Hands of Peace 2019 is financially supported through a grant from the Eau Claire Public School Foundation, CVMSC Parent Group, BaredFeet, Co., RCU and individual givers. 


Stay tuned to this page and the Facebook page, for updates.

2019 Performance Info
June 1-2, 2019 4pm
North High School, Eau Claire, WI

Visit https://baredfeet.wordpress.com/peace-project-2015/ to see photos of previous years.

Mini-Hands of Peace = NEW!

Something new in the year inbetween the big production is a mini-version.  Wednesdays in the Spring (2020) from 4:30-6pm at our studio space kids can dabble in peace projects in all the mediums - dance, drama, music, yoga, poetry and art!

2020 UPDATE: do to the caronavirus quarantine we have made a packet of activities you can do at home!  Find it here:

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