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Top No-Sugar Added Quick Snacks

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

One of my group sugar cleanse participants asked for adult no-sugar-added snacks and it was such a good idea I decided to post it.  These are quick and easy suggestions (there may be better snack ideas but less quick or affordable) for when you have cravings or you are on the go.  You’ll see a lot of fiber, fruit, fat and protein here – the best snacks in my opinion.  Fat is an extremely important part of our diet (unless it is trans fats), because fats can help us guard against stress.  It is too much sugar that creates body fat.  (Note that I am not affiliated with any of these referenced websites, they just had easy no-sugar recipes formatted nicely)

  1. Corn Chips – (organic so GMO-free) with salsa (, sour cream (or greek yogurt!) and/or guacamole (

  2. Toast! Add avocado, PB, or just really good butter to your no-sugar added loaf (Angelic Bakery has some!).  Everyone loves toast.  Satisfies me every time.

  3. Crackers and Cheese. We love the Blue Diamond Rice Crackers, and Westby cheese or local chevre!  Watch your crackers for added sugar – yuck man.

  4. Fruit – Frozen fruits are consumed twice daily around my house. It is the only way we can hold onto fruits in bulk.  And they are awesome.  A frozen banana is like a popsicle.  Ice is God’s gift to fruit.    Regular fruit is amazing too, but I’m just sayin’, freeze it!  Add sugar free cashew butter with your apples or bananas to make a complete snack.

  5. Yogurt – again, plain yogurt is the only one with no sugar. It’s a protein vitamin, good-for-your-gut versatile snack.  Use it to make smoothies (speaking of fruit).  Use it instead of milk with your cereal.  Add fruit to it.  Or add carob powder.  Or just slobber it all over your face like my kids do.

  6. Popcorn! (organic so it is GMO-free) I won’t tell you what happens to popcorn in our house, because you know how easy it is to eat. Skip microwave popcorn and learn to kettle cook it or use a popper (even better).  Then use one of these recipes to get some new flavors (find a no-sugar added one during the cleanse!).  I was going to just post one, but this website was too cool:

  7. Cereal will always be the best, standby snack. Found your sugar-free version yet?  I suggest you get on it.  We add raisins, molasses and nuts to our cereal.

  8. I already shared my sugar-free granola bars recipe but here it is again!  Here’s another recipe that my daughter can make herself!

  9. Pretzels – Does anyone else find pretzels super satisfying? The salt, the bread – they feel guilty.  But they aren’t… typically.  I love spelt pretzels – easier on the intestines than the wheat is.  They shouldn’t have sugar either.  Eat these with some fibrous carrot sticks or other raw veggies, and dip them in hummus (below) and you’ve got a solid snack.

  10. Hummus – have you gotten on board the hummus train yet? Good hummus and fresh sweet peppers is what they must eat in heaven.  Here’s a base hummus recipe from Ina Garten:

  11. Pumpkin seeds – Chewing these eliminates stress in multiple ways methinks. The need to work harder at grinding them releases my crankiness, and the specific vitamins they have – lots of the essential nutrients, zinc, protein and iron – combat stress and low blood sugar.  Make your own trail mix with nuts, raisins (or dry your own fruit so you can have some other options without sugar) and those pumpkin seeds.

  12. Refrigerator pickles – Here’s another good-for-your-gut probiotic recipe. If you like pickles you’ll love making your own even more.  They add so many yucky things to store-bought pickles and the process of making your own is uber-exciting.  I am not a pickle lover by nature, but I will heartily consume my hubby’s pickles and get involved in the process.  This item on the list takes the longest to prepare, but is worth it!

  13. Hard boiled Eggs – Boil a dozen eggs at the beginning of the week and you have a handy snack all week. You can make them salty, whip them into deviled eggs, or eat them with avocado!  Have some leftover at the end of the week, here are some interesting ways to use up hard boiled eggs (I didn’t check all these for sugar content):

  14. Ants on a Log – Healthy, good, easy does not have to be just for kids anymore!

  15. PB and J – I am currently on a PB and J binge. I love lazy snacks.  Just Local Food carries a local jelly producer that uses fruit only and not sugar to make their jelly.  Get a natural PB (most peanut butters, yes, add crazy sugar!) and relive your childhood.

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